The Livemix CS-DUO is two personal mixers in one. With two mixes per unit, you can reduce your overall per node cost without sacrificing quality or functionality.

The Livemix CS-DUO is extremely simple to use and lightning fast to setup. The innovative MirrorMix™ function allows you to use your own personal mixer to listen to and adjust the mix of any other personal mixer in the system. Even though it is designed to be simple to operate, we did not skimp on the features, like built-in ambient mics, effects on every channel and even a metronome.

Main Features

  • 2 discrete personal mixers in one durable box
  • Colour touchscreen
  • 24 channels with sweepable EQ & Dynamics/Compression
  • On-board high-pass filter
  • Dedicated "Me" knob for personal volume adjustments
  • Built-in ambient mics help open up mixes
  • On-board intercom for easy communication with other players or FOH
  • Aux input for laptop / smart phone / MP3 player etc

Physical Properties

208 x 152 x 49mm


Input Impedance:
7.5kΩ (via Aux In)
-103 dB (Left to Right)
S/N Ratio:
103 dB
Filter Cut/Boost Amount:
± 6 dB
Ambient Mic Gain:
25 dB

Authorised Retail Partners

KMR Audio
SSP (inc VAT) £ 599.00
EAN 610838412014