Inspired by classic British 1073 preamps used on countless records from the 1970s to present-day, the B173 MK2 is designed to offer heavy lows, firm mids and an all-to-familiar silkiness in the high-end.

End-To-End Discrete Class A

Black Lion’s second generation B173 is composed of high-end parts including discrete Class A circuitry and transformer coupled Cinemag input and output stages to ensure a warm, creamy tone on multiple different sources.

The B173 Mk2 features low noise and impressive headroom which can accommodate all microphone types, including low-output ribbons even on quiet sources. A front-panel DI input is also on-hand to add true harmonic richness to instrumental sources such as keyboards, synths, guitars and bass.

Not Just Another Clone

B173 Mk2 brings the bold sonic tones of the vintage 1073 preamp to a new format ready for use in all modern recording environments. In comparison to the original B173, the revised gain stage and lowered noise floor ensures recording with lower distortion and a pristine sound. Additional control of the transformer’s saturation is also provided by newly introduced variable output attenuation and stepped input gain for easy recall between artists or sessions.

B173 Mk2 is yet another innovation from the Black Lion mod shop which serves to outplay any competitor at its price point. For the classic 1073 style dark British console sound, we can’t think of a better tool for the job.

Main Features

  • Single channel 1073-style microphone preamp
  • Cinemag input and output transformers
  • Stepped gain control and variable output attenuator
  • High impedance front panel DI input
  • Switchable phantom power
  • Polarity-reverse
  • 18dB pad and  hi-Z switch
  • External PSU for reduced operational noise
  • Half standard 19” rack, join two units for full 1U
  • Made in USA


1x XLR, 1x 1/4" Hi-Z
1x 1/4" TRS


External AC Adapter (included)

Physical Properties

Rack Spaces:
SSP (inc VAT) £ 475.00
Code BL-B173MK2
EAN 696550553334