From Chicago mod-shop Black Lion Audio comes a brand new revision of their single channel 312a-style preamp built for modern studio applications.

American Vintage

Black Lion’s third generation B12A draws inspiration from the classic API 312a preamps from the mid 70s and fully embodies its bold, sonically assertiveness tone. Thanks to its high headroom, the B12A Mk3 is compatible with a wide variety of microphones including ribbons and captures high gain sources with remarkably low noise.

Powered By Cinemag

At the heart of the B12A Mk3’s design is the carefully chosen coupled input and output stages powered exclusively by Cinemag transformers. These components keep the preamp’s tone authentically warm, creamy and beefed up, whilst also maintaining a low-noise floor.

A dedicated high-Z input on the front of each B12A Mk3 also allows direct input from sources such as synths, guitars and basses.




1x XLR, 1x 1/4" Hi-Z
1x 1/4" TRS

Physical Properties

Rack Spaces:


External AC Adapter (included)

Main Features

  • Single channel preamp
  • USA Cinemag transformers
  • Stepped gain control
  • Front panel DI input
  • 48v phantom power
  • Polarity-reverse, 18dB pad, hi-Z switch
  • 19” rack mountable (1U, half size)
  • Designed/assembled in USA
SSP (inc VAT) £ 425.00
Code BL-B12AMK3
EAN 696550568253