The vintage T4b optocell component is hardworking component centrepiece in many of history’s great optical outboard compressors. On studying the modern market to find similar components for their own compressors, Black Lion found that none were up to standard, and an original T4BLA optocell was designed to fill the gap.

The T4BLA strives to recreate that perfect sinking-style feel that makes optical compressors stand out from the crowd. Asides from shipping inside every Black Lion B172A compressor, the T4BLA is now also available for retro-fitting in third party compressors.

Main Features

  • Opto-cell component for optical compressors
  • Retrofittable with minimal tools
  • Compatible with a range of 3rd party brands

Compatible Models

  • Anthony DeMaria Labs ADL1000 / ADL1500
  • Audioscape Opto Compressor
  • IGS One leveling Amplifier
  • Golden Age Project Comp2A / Comp3A
  • Klark Teknik KT2A
  • Shadow Hills Industries Mastering Compressor
  • Stam Audio SA2A / SA23+
  • Universal Audio LA2A / LA3A
  • Warm Audio WA2A

Physical Properties

102 x 102 x 127mm (Boxed)
SSP (inc VAT) £ 125.00
EAN 6965504090138