Planar are the first Avantone headphone to feature electrostatic technology and its design has been hewn by years of experience creating reference-grade monitoring products for audiophile and music industry professional.

Planar Magnetic Drive

Harnessing the power of both dynamic and electrostatic driver components, Avantone’s Planar drivers comprise a specially configured magnet array spaced along both sides of a thin active diaphragm. The precision of the magnetic field enables reproduction of audio signal with almost no harmonic distortion and incredibly rapid response.

By employing this technology, the Avantone Planar headphones deliver pin-point accuracy, rich detail, and a clear, natural sound across the frequency range.

Fatigue-less Listening

Because planar drivers apply equal directions forces to both their front and rear magnets, far less pressure is applied to the driver materials yielding a more natural sound. This also enables longer periods of listening without ear-fatigue, making the Planar a rock solid headphone for users such as mixing engineers, musicians, podcasters, live-streamers and even Hi-Fi enthusiasts.

Designed For Portability 

Despite the Planar’s spacious ear pads and comfortable assembly, the headphones weigh a total of just 480g. Each set ships with an eco-friendly shoulder bag complete with cable pouch and extra room for accessories such as desktop sound cards, digital audio players or DACs.

The included 3.5mm headphone cable can be plugged into either of the Planar ear cups with the same stereo image result. This unique design feature aims to aid manoeuvrability when using the headphones in less than ideal spaces.

Main Features

  • High definition planar driver technology for uncompromising, natural sound
  • Low distortion and fast, flat frequency response for pin-point accuracy
  • Over-ear, open back lightweight design providing greater comfort for longer periods
  • Low impedance and amplifier requirements for wider source compatibility
  • Wide 30Hz to 30KHz frequency response
  • High-grade detachable 3.5mm cable
  • Cable sockets available on both ear cups
  • Includes lightweight eco-friendly carrying bag and cable pouch


Planar Magnetic
Over-ear, open-back
Neodymium N50SH
21 Micron PET
70 x 95 mm


Max Power:
Frequency Response:
30Hz - 30kHz
<0.1% @ 100dB
32 Ω
104 dB/1mW (at Drum Reference Point)
Min Power:
>100mW (>250mW recommended)

Physical Properties

Red or Black
SSP (inc VAT) £ 425.00
EAN 696550489077