In a move to build the final missing piece required to revive older NS10M monitors, Avantone Pro proudly introduce the AV10MXO crossover.

The AV10MXO is a bolt-in crossover requiring minimal tools for installation and including a replacement gasket ensuring an air tight-seal.

AV10MXO’s circuit has been painstakingly reverse engineered from the original NS10M boards and features the exact same value capacitors.

The only spec which has been changed is that of the rear terminal plate which now includes a better grade of binding post and ensures a better and more durable connection during playback.

Main Features

  • NS10M-era crossover replica
  • Bolt-in assembly
  • Revamped connection poles for improved connectivity


Musical Power:
Maximum Power:
Nominal Impedance:
8 Ohms
SSP (inc VAT) £ 99.00
EAN 713541493469