The classic NS10M reference monitor has been a staple of studio mixing for decades and, despite being discontinued in 2001, they still remain hugely popular. With after-market replacement parts in short supply, Avantone Pro have reverse engineered the design of the tweeter to provide an affordable, high quality replacements for damaged, blown or missing high frequency NS10M drivers.

The AV10MHF can be easily installed in any NS10M or CLA10 and provides a sonic, and physical recreation of the original Yamaha driver in order to create the same voicing and frequency range behaviour.

Main Features

  • Compatible with NS10M studio monitors
  • Identically modelled on originals physically and sonically
  • Straight-forwad bolt-in installation
  • RoHS compliant materials
  • Sold as single units


Driver Type:
High Frequency Driver
SSP (inc VAT) £ 110.00