TWIN87 from United Studio Technologies
Rear of the TWIN87 condenser's body
United Studio Technologies UT TWIN87 Condenser Microphone

United Studio Technologies proudly present the definitive vocal condenser microphone, based on multiple 87-style models from a span of half a century.

£599.00 inc VAT
EAN 753459780565

  • Modern / Vintage switch for seamless 87-style emulation
  • Custom 24k gold sputtered dual diaphragm
  • Dual backplate K87 style capsule
  • Custom wound transformer
  • Switchable modular RF filter
  • Built-in true-cardioid mod
  • Low noise and high headroom
SoundOnSound Magazine

"Immediately happy using it in place of and alongside my own vintage U87, and found the ability to quickly change settings to introduce a bit more top end to be very useful"

Tape Op Magazine

"The fact that one could buy five of these for the price of a single U 87 Ai makes the UT Twin87 a fantastic investment for any studio"

Tape Op

With all of the extra features and high-end components, the UT Twin87 is a truly exceptional microphone — but it’s real strength is it’s accuracy in providing the same sound engineers have grown to love in every variation of the '87-style' circuit.

During the inception of the UT Twin87, United Studio Technologies cast a wide net to test, measure and record the finest 87-style specimens from the last 50 years stretching back to the earliest vintage models available.

Painstakingly Recreated
TWIN87's unique windscreen shape

Following this research a new “definitive” 87 microphone was created featuring custom 24k gold sputtered dual diaphragm twinned with dual backplate K87-style capsule, a large core custom wound output transformer, and a proprietary assortment of premium components including multilayer ceramics, tantalum and WIMA film capacitors.

Twin Topology
Internals of the TWIN87 from United Studio Technologies

UT Twin87 features two classic sounds in one. Its vintage mode polarises the capsule directly from phantom power a warm and forgiving sound, while modern mode polarises at a higher voltage creating a louder, brighter and overall more articular response for extended top end and an up-front presentation.

TWIN87 - a new classic from United Studio Technologies

Frequency Response 20 Hz - 20 kHz
SPL 117dB (no pad), 127dB (with pad)
Impedance 27 Ω
Self Noise <10dB (cardioid setting, no pad, no HPF)
Output 24k gold plated XLR, pin 2 HOT, pin 1 GND
Dimensions 220x55x190mm (inc shockmount)