Replay Box from United Studio Technologies
Rear panel of United Studio Technologies' Replay Box
Profile view of Replay Box by United Studio Technologies
United Studio Technologies Replay Box Reamplification Box

Featuring dual transformer circuits, true ground isolation and ultra-quiet performance, United Studio Technologies' Replay Box is designed to exceed the clean gain needs of any recording engineer.

£369.00 inc VAT
EAN 6965505587668

  • 2x reamping circuits for varied tones
  • Transparent for super-clean boost
  • Harmonic circuit for aggressive tones
  • Huge amounts of clean gain
  • True ground low-noise operation
  • Invertible phase control
  • Switchable ground lift

The Replay Box from United Studio Technologies enables live and studio engineers to add clean gain to tracks and instruments without resorting to preamps or boost pedals and the inevitable noise that comes along with them.

Additionally, Replay Box's intuitive true-ground isolation design ably avoids ground-loop hum so often found with reamping devices.

Catering to everyone from tone-obsessed instrumentalists to intricate sound designers, Replay Box features two custom transformer circuits to provide not only generous gain, but also a variety of flexible tones and sonic voicing to go along with it.

An internal view of Replay Box's design layout

Replay Box's transparent circuit features a custom-wound, 5043 step up transformer delivering exceptional signal isolation and noise rejection. Wound for ultra-clean passive gain, the transparent circuit adds a full 3 dB of gain on top of its 4 dB input, giving it the capacity to drive any amp, pedal or processor with ease.

Replay Box features 2x transformers for unique reamp voicing

In contrast, the harmonic circuit is built to deliver more coloration, more fattening and overall more character at the re-amping stage. Wound to offer a steep gain ratio along with gentle high-pass roll off, the harmonic circuit adds a flavourful phase distortion around the sub-bass region for a more warm and aggressive tones.

Replay Box - a reamping box from United Studio Technologies

Frequency Response 20 Hz-20 kHz +/-0.5 dB
Input Impedance 300 Ω, 50 Ω harmonic
Output Impedance 1k Ω, 150 Ω harmonic
Output Gain +3 dB, +5 dB harmonic
Recommended Input +4 Line Level Balanced
Dimensions 52 x 149 x 155 mm, 0.8 kg