SPL Vitalizer Mk3T sound design processor
Rear panel fo SPL's Mk3T sound designer
SPL Vitalizer Mk3-T Enhancer

SPL present their new and improved Vitalizer Mk3T designed to inject irresistible excitement into mixes and help audio elements find just the right spot.

£1099.00 inc VAT
EAN 4260149320490

  • 2-channel harmonic exciter
  • Boosts loudness, clarity and detail
  • Unique filter network unmasks transient details
  • Built-in bass-focused compressor
  • Intuitive controls for great results, fast
  • Effective on individual tracks and full mixes

Powered by deep research into the fields of psychoacoustics and audiometry, SPL's patented Vitalizer design brings additional transparency, extra detail and an overall boosted presentation to even the dullest of mixes.

Wielding control of both frequency and time mediums, the Vitalizer circuit imposes a series of minimal temporal offsets of louder frequencies. Superimposed audio transients are then revealed to elevate the clarity of sessions to new radio-ready heights – vocals become more intelligible, soundscapes augmented and loudness more perceivable.

Integrated Low-End Compression
Bass compression control on the Mk3T Vitalizer

Vitalizer Mk3T's parallel compressor specifically focuses the bass range to provide dynamic control and ensure signal levels do not overload, also ensuring the safety of the downstream signal chain.

18V Operating Voltage
Channel One Mk3 operates at 18V for even higher detail

Improving on previous editions of the SPL Vitalizer, the Mk3T variant features a higher internal voltage of +/-18V for increased detail and an even more three-dimensional delivery.

Vitalizer Mk3T from SPL

Frequency Response 20Hz-100kHz
Inputs 2x XLR
Outputs 2x XLR
Max Input 22.5 dBu
CMRR 86 dB
Dimensions 482 x 44 x 237mm, 3.4kg