Track One Mk3 channel strip from SPL
Rear panel of SPL's Track One Mk3 channel strip
SPL Track One Mk3 Mono Channel Strip

The hugely popular Track One channel strip lands for its third incarnation with upgraded specs and a design updated for modern recording studio workflows. Record radio-ready vocals and instruments, all with one compact channel.

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EAN 4260149320629

2 preamps handle all your microphones and electric instruments
Transparent mic preamp with up to 65dB of gain
Big-iron input and output transformers
De-Esser sibilance and harshness control
Compressor/Limiter for easy dynamic range optimisation
Stereo link for parallel compression daisy-chaining
High-pass filter for rolling low frequencies < 80Hz
Sweeten your sound with 3-band EQ

Track One Mk3 is a fully equipped studio channel, armed with EQ, compression and sibilance control.

As with its predecessors, the Track One prides itself on dialling in great sounds with incredible speed. Two pristine preamp circuits are on hand to accommodate vocals, broadcasting, voiceover and podcasting duties, with high-impedance and line inputs to cater for guitars and synths respectively.

Filtering and Dynamic Control
SPL Track One Mk3 Compressor section

The equaliser spans 3 bands giving the power to lift vocals and inject low-end prominence to synths, while the compressor and limiter section features an intuitive single-knob design that reduces noise and adds a delightful modern punch to any source.

Built-In De-Esser
Track One Mk3's built-in De-Esser funciton

Finally the Track One Mk3's De-Esser borrows unique technology from SPL's acclaimed standalone sibilance processors to offer intelligent threshold-adjustment, removing harsh sounds from vocals for polished and noticably professional results.

New and improved Track One Mk3 channel strip from SPL

Max Input 10.6 dBu mic
Impedance 10 kΩ mic, 47 kΩ line
Max Output 20 dBu
Frequency Range 10 Hz – 195 kHz
Equivalent Input Noise -126.8 dBu
CMRR 80 dB @ 1 kHz
Dynamic Range 130.5 dB
Operating Voltage +/- 15 V
Dimensions 482 x 44 x 210 mm, 3.4 kg