SPL HERMES Mastering Router with Dual Parallel Mix

SPL present a versatile routing matrix with the power to harness up to eight stereo processors. With this immensely talented product rerouting, custom preset creation and sample comparison are all available at the touch of a button.

£5199.00 inc VAT
EAN 4260149321831

  • Mastering routing matrix
  • 8 dual-channel internal processors
  • Create, store, and compare settings on the fly
  • Fully passive internal routing
  • Gold-plated and gas-capsuled relays
  • 2x parallel mix stages with gain compensation
  • Assignable to any device
  • Powered by high-headroom 120V rail technology
  • Label mode for entering device names

HERMES allows engineers to rediscover the talents of existing signal chain processors thanks to its ease of reordering configurations to achieve new sounds. Rather than investing in new processors, invest in HERMES to get the very most from your current gear and fast!

Ready To Rock
HERMES from SPL allows users to store and apply settings

HERMES features everything mastering houses could need in a single pre-patched rack. Armed with two parallel mix stages, any of eight individual processors can be engaged, allowing ease of comparison between different mix settings or compression chains with all configurations storable in local memory. This enables extremely fast workflow and cuts out previously laborious repatching operations to find the correct dynamics for a particular track.

New Mastering Frontiers
SPL HERMES 'Parallel Mix' control

Historically mastering routers were custom built by in house engineers to wildly bespoke specifications. Keen to untangle this industry knot, SPL devised a professional mastering router which could mould to applications, optimise mixes, and ensure engineers never again became lost amongst their patch cords.

HERMES, a next generation mastering router from SPL

Max Input Level +32.5 dBu, +28 dBu (Parallel)
Input Impedance 20 kOhm (bal.)
Max Output Level +32.5 dBu
Output Impedance ‹ 600 Ohm
Noise -121 dBu (A-weighted)
Crosstalk -130 dB (at 1 kHz at 0 dBu)
THD › -112 dBu @ +20dBu
Common Mode Rejection -75 dB @ 0 dBu
Bandwidth 10 Hz-200 kHz 10 Hz = -0,12 dB
Dimensions 482 x 88 x 300mm, 9kg