SPL Expansion Rack For Phonitor 2

The SPL Expansion Rack is designed as a handy accessory to expand the abilities of SPL’s Phonitor 2 professional studio headphones amplifier.

£395.00 inc VAT
EAN 4260149321411

  • 19” rack mount expansion chassis
  • 4x way switch potentiometer
  • Compatible with SPL Phonitor 2 and SMC 7.1 products
  • Expands Phonitor to 3x stereo signals of 4x stereo speaker pairs
  • Adds 3x additional speaker outputs to SMC 7.1
4-Way Switching

To the right of the Expansion Rack’s Phonitor docking chassis, a four-way switch is on hand and able to control up to three additional loudspeaker outputs.

This enables headphone listening of three user-definable analogue stereo signals, or alternatively four stereo speaker pairs.

Thanks to the Phonitor 2’s built-in 120V rail technology, the combination of Phonitor 2 and SPL’s Expansion Rack culminates in a unique and powerful 120V monitor controller.

Also SMC 7.1 Compatible

As a docking chassis, the Expansion Rack from SPL is also useable with the SMC 7.1 surround sound monitor controllers.

Integration with the rack allows for 3 additional stereo speaker outputs and allows neat, efficient rack mounting of the SMC ready for studio use.

Expansion Rack from SPL for Phonitor 2 models

Dimensions 482 x 88 x 300mm (WxHxD). 2.7kg