SPL Crescendo 8 octo-channel preamp
Rear panel of Crescendo 8 from SPL
SPL Crescendo 8 Microphone Preamplifier

The Crescendo offers 8-channels of flawlessly transparent microphone preamps boasting massive dynamic range, ultra low distortion, and the ability to capture even the finest details in recording, all in 3U of 19” rack space.

£5250.00 inc VAT
EAN 4260149321978

  • Flawless, transparent sound perfect for almost any source
  • 120V operating technology ensures massive headroom
  • High-voltage SUPRA op-amps
  • Wide 18dB - 70dB gain range, or -2dB to 50dB with pad
  • Discrete output stage for driving long cable paths without signal degradation
  • Mu-metal shielded Toroidal transformer PSU
  • Active servo circuits avoid the use of coupling capacitors

Technical innovation within the Crescendo is up to SPL’s usual high standard. Differential amplifiers are built with precisely matched transistor pairs and combined with thermal coupling to ensure an impressively low thermal distortion.

The discrete output stage op-amps also operate a 6mA dormant current ensuring the Crescendo meets the standard of Class-A operation.

Finally, a specially selected Toroidal transformer power supply is shielded with a custom-fabricated sheeting integrated into the Crescendo’s housing to avoid electrical interference and ensure no power noise bleeds into the range of the preamps.

The new and improved Crescendo 8 from SPL
Remain In Control
Crescendo's rear I/O panel

Each of Crescendo’s 8 preamp channels can be independently operated with all the trimmings you’d expect from modern studio preamps including gain control, polarity reverse, 48v phantom power, a 20dB pad for use with more boisterous signals, and a dedicated per-channel VU read-out meter. To accommodate the widest range of microphones possible, the microphone gain of each channel ranges from 18 to 70dB allowing plenty of operating room even for low output sources such as ribbon microphones.

As Clean As They Come
SPL's signature 120V rail technology

Thanks to SPL’s specially developed 120V technology, powered by high voltage SUPRA op-amps, Crescendo's operating headroom is such that the preamps are essentially impossible to overdrive. This provides a potential internal operating voltage of +/- around 60 volts and enables the preamp circuit to amplify even rapid transients.

Frequency Range 20-50kHz, -3dB
Preamp Gain 70 dB
Input Impedance 10 kOhm
Output Impedance < 600 Ohm
Noise -69.7 dB @ 60dB Gain, -87.5 dB @ 30dB Gain (A-weighted)
Fast Fourier Transformation -96dBu @ 60dB Gain, -120dBu @ 20 dB Gain
Rejection Ratio > 65dBu/1kHz 60 dB Gain, > 75dBu/1kHz @ 30 dB Gain
THD 0.04% @ 60dB Gain, 0.008% @ 30dB Gain
Equivalent Input Noise 150 Ohm 129.5 dB @ 60dB Gain, 40 Ohm 134.4 dB @ 60dB Gain
Dimensions 482 x 132 x 300 mm, 9.5kg