Sonarworks Virtual Monitoring Add-On for SoundID Reference
Virtual Monitoring Add-On for speaker emulation in headphones
Sonarworks SoundID Virtual Monitoring Add-On

Sonarworks are back with a brand new add-on pack for SoundID Reference that allows headphones to simulate the spatial width of studio monitors.

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£49.00 inc VAT

  • Mix with virtually simulated speakers from your headphones
  • Multiple popular field-size speaker emulations included
  • Calibrated to reliable flat SoundID SR reference sound
  • Compatible with 400+ supported headphones
  • 3-week Reference trial now includes access to VM
  • Requires SoundID Reference software

The ability to get audio production and mix work done anywhere and everywhere has made headphone mixing a hugely popular practice in recent years. While results will vary between different setups, a commonly cited drawback is the more restricted stereo listening field that headphones deliver when compared to traditionally configured stereo speakers. This results in more complicated mixing decisions as an allocation for 'additional stereo space' must be always be considered before the final bounce.

With the Virtual Monitoring Add-On for SoundID Reference users, Sonarworks seek to bring the versatile stereo space of studio monitors directly into headphones.

The VM add-on is loaded with multiple studio speaker emulations including popular near and mid-field models. When enabled, headphone mixers can meticulously recreate the effect of listening in front of regular studio monitors to make the same informed mix decisions and provide translatable mix after translatable mix.

Virtual Monitoring Add-On desktop interface from Sonarworks

Platform macOS 11.5+, Windows 10+
Format AAX, VST, AU