Sonarworks' SoundID Desktop in nightmode
SoundID for headphones - plugin edition
Sonarworks SoundID Reference for Headphones

SoundID offers artists and producers consistent, highly accurate studio reference sound without the need to upgrade headphones.

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£99.00 inc VAT

  • Includes profiles for more than 280 headphone models
  • Target curve adjustments in real time
  • Simulate over 20 different devices and device types
  • Zero latency, mixed and linear phase filter modes
  • Mono, dry/wet and safe headroom DSP controls
  • MIDI mapping in the SoundID Reference app for various controls
  • Switch quickly between predefined output device/channel pairs via user presets
  • Includes standalone app plus AU, VST and AAX plugin
  • Activate each license on up to 3 machines (non-education only)

Powered by over 280 calibration profiles covering the most popular and widely-used headphone models in the industry, SoundID applies a completely flat response target across all audible frequency to emulate truly neutral-sounding speakers.

Custom Targeting

Extending the curve adjustment functionality featured Sonarworks' Reference 4 software, users can now easily alter targeted curves in real-time during playback.

Introducing Translation Check

With SoundID Reference, tirelessly pivoting between earphones, radios and car stereos becomes a thing of the past. In their new edition, Sonarworks have built in no fewer than 20 different devices across multiple types to provide insight into different listening situations, all from the comfort of the workstation.

SoundID audio calibration software from Sonarworks

Windows Win 8+ (64-bit)
Mac macOS 10.12+
Platform AU, VST, AAX