SoundID Reference Bundle with Microphone
SoundID Reference packaging
Sonarworks SoundID Reference Bundle with Microphone

Sonarworks present a one-stop-shop bundle for all your calibration needs from speakers to headphones and from room to room!

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£299.00 inc VAT
EAN 4751023410388

  • Custom bundle including measurement microphone and SoundID Reference
  • Calibrate speakers and headphones to ensure consistent results
  • Impose flat responses across all audible frequencies
  • Calibrate any studio monitor typically within 20 minutes
  • Includes XREF microphone made by Sonarworks
  • Software currently features 280 headphone profiles and counting
  • Make curve adjustments to your calibration profiles on-the-fly
  • Save unlimited profiles for seamlessly moving between different setups

The Sonarworks SoundID Reference Bundle includes SoundID Reference Headphone & Speakers, boasting the highest level of functionality and incorporating features for both studio monitors and mixing headphones.

While the headphone component of SoundID Reference features bespoke settings for hundreds of popular headphone models, the Speakers application allows you to calibrate your own speakers (whichever model they may be) on the fly with the help of the Sonarworks XREF mic.

Intuitive user friendliness is built into SoundID Reference's core, and a full calibration can usually be completed for users within 20 minutes.

Intelligent Calibration Software
Sonarworks' SoundID software features curve targeting

SoundID Reference is a unique and incredibly powerful audio calibration software package designed to ensure consistent and accurate monitoring across almost infinite locations and environments.

Calibration Microphone
SoundID XREF measurement microphone for calibration

Also included in the SoundID Reference Bundle is Sonarworks' specially designed XREF measurement microphone.

SoundID audio calibration software from Sonarworks

Platform AAX, VST, AU
RAM 4GB minimum
Bit Depth 64-bit