Slate Digital VTC Vintage Tube Collection
Slate's VTC plugin interface
Slate Digital VTC Vintage Tube Collection Plug In

Drawing on over a year of painstaking modelling research amongst the world’s finest vintage tube preamps, line amps and consoles, Slate present their Virtual Tube Collection bundle.

£149.00 inc VAT

  • 3 plug-ins based on classic modelled circuits
  • Boost mode for even more colour and warmth
  • Preamp mode for modelling saturation of tube preamp circuits
  • Console mode for emulating tube summing circuits
  • Saturation control for adjusting thickness and colour
  • High-pass filter for reducing rumble in the low end
  • Mix knob controls balanced dry and wet signal
  • Master output level control also available

Slate Digital’s Virtual Tube Collection or VTC comprises three plugins which model the unique personalities of vintage preamp and console channels. Each plug can be used either in preamp mode for adding rich colour and warmth to vocals and instruments, or in console mode to emulate the effect of a classic analogue summing amplifier on any mix or mastering bus.

London Module
London module from Slate Digital's VTC pack

Perfect for adding a thickening to transient responses without being overly aggressive, the VTC London Module boasts a bold low-end and midrange with a smoother high end that never becomes too brittle. Add saturation to mics in preamp mode or analogue fatness to a mix in console mode.

New York Module
New York module from Slate Digital's VTC pack

VTC's New York Module combines emulated traits from both vintage tube and discrete solid-state models to deliver a tight low-end with unique harmonic saturation. In preamp mode a desirable punch feel is added which can be intensified even further with the built-in boost switch.

Hollywood Module
Hollywood module from Slate Digital's VTC pack

Arguably the most exciting of all three modules, Hollywood breaths life into airy highs, rich depth and a formidable low end to transform tired tracks into analogue flavour-farms. In console mode, the Hollywood Module adds versatile warmth and bass to any mix for extra radio friendliness.

VMS's Best Friend
Slate's ML-1 is the perfect canvas for 100s of analogue microphone emulations

Virtual Microphone System users are in for a particularly transformative ride. Each ML1 and ML2 microphone integrates seamlessly and works as a perfect neutral canvas for each Slate’s Virtual Tube module. A multitude of sonic personalities can be accessed from within the DAW in several clicks.

Platform Mac (macOS 11+), PC (Windows 10 or 11)
Bit Depth 64-bit
Format AAX, VST2, VST3, AU
Authorisation iLok 2
Min Hardware Intel Quad Core i5 or higher, 4GB RAM or more