Winter NAMM 2020 Round Up - Part 1

Last month audio professionals travelled from various points across the globe to congregate at the music industry's annual trade show zenith – Winter NAMM.

2020 marked a record year for attendance (115k+ according to PSN), and also for SCV distributed brand presence on the show floors! Our NAMM scouts had the honour attending numerous product launches and live demonstrations – plus even a few awards thrown in for good measure – from brands such as Audix, Bricasti, Digital Audio Labs, Focal, Metric Halo, Sonarworks, IsoAcoustics, Millennia and more.

Due to news and excitement 'heft’ levels from this year’s show we’d be mad to try and cover everything in one piece, so welcome to our Winter NAMM Round Up Part 1 where we’ll start with an A…


For many years Audix’s strong range of professional studio microphones has remained fairly static - but now, in 2020 we’re excited to welcome some blood!

Brand new Audix products launched at the 2020 Winter NAMM Show

Four new condenser microphones have been announced including two Electrets (A131 / A133) and two regular condensers (A135 / A137) – the A133 and A137 models each of which feature switchable pads and roll off functions.

Additionally Audix have officially announced the A160 ribbon microphone, first spotted at Winter NAMM 2019. All new studio microphone models, including a brand new A127 reference mic, are made in the USA and will be scheduled to ship to the UK shores in the first quarter of 2020.

With the launch of the new A studio microphone range, Audix are officially retiring the CX112 and CX212 models.

New condenser microphones released from Audix USA

Can Horizons...

After nearly 4 decades of innovation in the microphone sector, Audix have revealed their first foray into the headphone market presenting both in-ear and over-ear models.

Audix’s A10 and A10X models are in-ear solutions for on-stage monitoring as well as listening on the go. Between the two, the upgraded X model features an extended bass response which creates an even better canvas for genres such as electronica (or metal).

For studio purposes, Audix have also launched a range of over-ear models perfect for live tracking, monitoring and of course general listening duties.

Across the four new models (A140, A145, A150, A152) various sized dynamic drivers are utilised to achieve wider frequency responses and increased sensitivity.

Audix release A140, A145, A150, A152 closed back headphones and A10 and A10X in-ears

Along with the A10 and A10X in-ears, Audix are launching a concise range of accessories to partner with their new headphone ranges including upgradable cables and adaptors accommodating such technologies as Bluetooth.

More info to come soon!


At the Focal booth this year we were honoured to lend a hand in accepting SoundOnSound's Best Studio Monitor Award, presented to the Trio11 Be as a nominee from the 2019 annual ’SOS Awards’ vote-in competition.

Focal's full product range on show at Winter NAMM 2020

On the reason’s behind the Trio’s win, SoundOnSound’s Bob Thomas puts it best:

Trio11 combines pioneering technology from previous models with newly designed drivers. A classy, powerful and revealing monitor worthy of any studio control room.

With a Best Studio Monitor Award under their belt, we’re more sure than ever that Focal’s flagship studio monitor is a cut above the rest – contact SCV if you’d like to arrange a demo at your nearest premium Focal Professional reseller!


Ontario’s finest were on hand in force at NAMM 2020 to launch two brand new products for the studio and MI markets.

Over recent years IsoAcoustics' ISO-Puck range (comprised of ISO-Puck and ISO-Puck mini) has gained notable popularity with studio monitor users thanks to their scalable orientation and small footprint. However, for larger scale mid-field monitor, the quantity of Pucks required to meet the necessary weight capacity was often fairly high.

IsoAcoustics' ISO-Puck 76 was released at NAMM, boasting an 18kg weight limit

The solution? Meet the ISO-Puck 76, a larger and all-round more purple variant of the original design which boasts a 18kg weight threshold (per unit) and measures in at 76mm wide by 37mm high.

Second up on the stage (with no pun intended) was IsoAcoustics’ newly revised STAGE1 ‘Combo’ Board. Historically, IsoAcoustics STAGE1 range has consisted of individual isolators which can be purchased separately and attached to a board which resides underneath guitar amps, keyboard amps and PA speakers. 

IsoAcoustics' STAGE1 Board Combo on display at Winter NAMM 2020

The new design negates the need for multiple purchases and is sold as a complete, preassembled solution. Each STAGE1 Board can hold an amplifier of up to 45kg in weight.

At the show IsoAcoustics also officially retired their L8R430 model (the last of the L8R studio monitor stand range), to give way to their brand new replacement ISO430 model. The ISO430 will follow the same design traits as its smaller ISO-Series siblings but featuring the same chunky weight capacity of 45kg per unit.


Sonarworks’ mission is to achieve personalised sound free from acoustic interference to reveal as much from your music as possible. This year the same great minds behind the Reference 4 and True-Fi audio calibration products are excited to announce the launch of SoundID, a technology aimed at creating personal profiles for individual listeners which can then be enabled across multiple devices.

The beta edition of SoundID is now available to download – check out the official SoundID website for more information.

SCV presented with Sonarworks' Most Active Partner Award for 2019

Celebrating almost 1 year’s distribution of the Sonarworks brand in the UK, SCV Distribution were delighted to be presented with the title of 'Most Active Partner’ for 2019! SCV landed the award for tenacious sales and marketing activity in the UK throughout the past year. The award is a true honour and we look forward to breaking even more calibration ground in 2020!

For more information on SCV’s distributed lines and any products launched at the NAMM Show 2020, contact our pro audio sales department for full details.

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