Touch of Gold: Audix Reveal A231 Condenser

Today Audix announce a new addition to their A-series studio condenser family, designed with the most discerning studio users in mind. A231 features a dash of gold both outside and in – let’s find out what makes this microphone truly gleam...

Audix's brand new A231 studio microphone featuring true condenser technologyTrue Condenser Technology

Each A231 is armed with an externally biased 'true condenser’ capsule. Extremely low noise circuitry enables capture of subtle nuances both in vocals and for acoustic instruments. In-line with the other members of the A-series, recording with the A231 delivers a pleasing natural warmth along with stunning details.

The A231’s cardioid polar pattern is rock solid, focusing solely on performance while offering off-axis rejection to dodge incidental noise or reflections elsewhere in the studio.

A Touch of Gold

At the heart of the A231’s structure is Audix's newly designed 33 mm condenser capsule, precision tensioned with special heat-treated film.

While many typical condensers on the market incorporate gold sputtering techniques to improve response around the centre of the diaphragm, Audix go one further and distribute their gold deposition throughout the film even to the very edges. The result is a groundbreaking 25% improvement on effectiveness, making A231 even more adept at  capture up to the finest detail.

The Audix A231's capsule diaphragm features gold sputtering all the way to the edgeInternal Shock Handling

The A231 includes several innovative features designed to fight noise, both reflective and mechanical. The microphone’s double-woven steel mesh grille means that diffractions are minimised to reduce any acoustic reflection from around the capsule and increase transparency. An internal shock mount design also tackles noise from mechanical vibrations, allowing the capsule to operate without tremors from the underlying stand and negating the need for a bulkier ‘cradle-style’ shock mount.

Finally, Audix’s proprietary impedance control technology ensures a seamless operation between the A231’s capsule and circuitry, allowing the microphone to perform at its best even in wide ranging environments.

Shipping Winter 2021

Audix’s A231 will begin shipping in the 4th quarter of 2021, for pricing and availability or to become an Audix dealer, contact our pro audio sales team.

A231 from Audix includes internal shockmounting negating the need for a bulky external cradle


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