ThreeSixZero Choose Focal Trio 11

Based in West London, ThreeSixZero is a hugely respected management and entertainment company residing at the cutting edge of our music and film industries.

Operating within the Ladbroke Grove building formerly home to the historic SARM Studios, ThreeSixZero incorporates no fewer than six studio suites and production spaces. Among their decorated client list are such influential names as Dua Lipa, Madonna, One Direction, Kylie Minogue, Charli XCX and more.

ThreeSixZero is based in the historic SARM Studios in West London

Despite housing a range of iconic vintage recording equipment pieces including several from Bob Marley's original 1977 recording of Exodus, each room is meticulously designed to accommodate modern studio workflow practices and allow exquisite and creative work to be completed and shipped with a minimum of fuss.

The Road to Focal

This year SCV have been honoured to play a part in equipping ThreeSixZero with a set of pristine Focal Trio 11 mains. Catching up with Studio Manager Joel Peters, we got to talk through their process and the specifics that led them to join the Focal family.

ThreeSixZero Focal Trio 11 listening space

When we were making the last Stormzy album (This Is What I Mean) we were moving studios a lot, I'd bought another pair of monitors recently that I planned to take with me for the sessions for consistency.

When we got to Studio 13 there were a set of Trio 11s on the meter bridge, once we'd setup I switched to the Focals and didn't switch back to other monitors for the rest of the year.

Joel also remarked on the Trio's agility for delivering optimal performance both at higher and lower levels taking on the role of both a near and mid-field where applicable:

They gave me the power, bottom end and vibe of a main monitor but still had the midrange detail of a near-field. They sounded great at maximum 'war' volume and still performed really well at low levels too.

ThreeSixZero's Focal Trio11 set in horizontal orientation

Since their installation at ThreeSixZero, SCV have been thrilled to hear positive feedback from both from staff and clients alike:

When it came to spec'ing a set of monitors for our new listening lounge it was obviously that the Trio 11s would sound great. Our clients love listening to their music on them. They look really great in the space and sonically fill the room really well without breaking up.

Get full details on ThreeSixZero's activity via their official website here:

For further information on Focal studio monitors in the UK, contact the SCV pro audio team.

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