SPL Upgrades 3 Studio Products

This year three popular SPL products have received several attractive design upgrades: IRON – SPL’s flagship mastering compressor, the Transient Designer dynamic signal processor, and finally the SPL De-Esser vocal sibilance processor. Here we delve into each refresh to check out the upgrades that have been made...


Delighting mastering facilities for almost a decade, SPL’s IRON is a striking variable-mu compressor designed to bring the musicality and melody of vintage compressors to a reliably modern era of studio mastering. IRON is powered by SPL’s proprietary 120V ‘Voltair’ rail technology to ensure massive headroom with negligible noise stats, while its flexibility of controls has been heavily researched to ensure the right decisions can be made fast in almost any studio setup.

SPL's 2nd generation IRON v2 compressor

For SPL’s newly released 'IRON V2’ edition, three improvements have been made. Fully balanced send/return XLR side-chain inserts replace the original mono jack trigger inputs, revamped presets have been added for side-chain EQ filtering curves, and finally the V2 now features specially selected Wathen CryoTone long-plate 12AX7s for incredible musical power.

De-Esser Mk2

Any engineer tracking vocals will appreciate the mixing obstacles raised by overly sibilant vocals. SPL’s DeEsser does exactly what it says on the tin, automatically detecting sibilant frequencies with surgical accuracy, then phase-inverting S-sounds without affecting neighbouring frequencies within a vocal track or even a whole mix.

DeEsser Mk2 from SPL with new aluminium knobs

DeEsser Mk2 benefits from an upgraded black anodised front panel with aluminium knobs for a superior feel while making adjustments, as well as a rejigged and re-optimised PCB layout for improved operation and quality of sound.

Transient Designer 4 Mk2

Originally introduced in 1998, Transient Designers have been manipulating audio signal envelopes to provide level-independent attack and sustain for well over 20 years. With just two controls, transients can be accelerated or slowed to easily control sustain on any instrument, vocal or mix.

SPL Transient Designer 4 Mk2

As with SPL’s DeEsser Mk2, the second generation Transient Designer 4 takes advantage of a redesigned faceplate, redesigned knobs milled from solid aluminium, and an overhauled PCB for improved specs and operation.

Now Available Across The UK

All three updated SPL models are now available to order from UK authorised SPL resellers. For further information contact your nearest dealer or drop us a line directly.

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