SPL Releases MTC Mk2 Monitor Controller

SPL present a next generation speaker and talkback switching solution destined to once again set the standard for professional studio monitor controllers.

Here we take a quick look to see just how far SPL’s highly revered MTC model has come in 2022...

Mix & Match

The MTC Mk2’s dynamic array of channels aims to serve the widest number of personalised speaker configurations possible.

Three individual pairs of outputs are on hand to accommodate stereo speaker sets, while a mono output is available for optional sub or mono block speaker for A/Bing purposes. Each pair of speaker outputs is armed with an individual switch to provide simultaneous playback where needed.

The Subwoofer can also be added and removed from the mix at the touch of the aptly named SUB switch which bypasses the independent mono output completely.

The SPL MTC Mk2's input and output array

Multiple Monitoring Modes

MTC Mk2 offers no fewer than 3 unique monitoring modes for additional studio flexibility and to gain maximum insight into a mix.

Standard stereo mode enables straightforward 2 channel listening including the option to switch to mono for comparison, while inversion mode entails a full phase reverse and can be enabled using the universal Ø switch on the unit’s front panel.

SPL’s third mode is particularly useful for users such as film specialists and sound designers. The 'LR SWAP’ function immediately reverses the stereo image. Any material from the left channel is rerouted to the right, and vice versa.

For mix engineers working with video dubbing samples, this can provide a viable shortcut for matching direction of movement without the need to reload the sample into a DAW with amended channel orientation.

MTC Mk2 from SPL features 3 separate monitoring modes

Revamp Headphone Stage

For their second incarnation of the MTC model, SPL have made particular improvements at the headphone output stage.

Super charged to offer full headphone sound across 2 channels, the stage harnesses the MTC Mk2’s push-pull Class AB mode amplifier to produce comparatively higher gain and higher output voltage than Class A designs. All transistors are thermally coupled and run coherently to ensure a consistent and highly stable sound image.

The MTC Mk2 also features SPL’s hugely popular Phonitor Matrix technology, which enables a tailored mixing environment for headphones which can then easily translate to all stereo speaker systems.

Even More Headroom

By operating with an internal voltage of around 18 volts, the MTC Mk2’s analogue sections are able to calmly handle levels up to +22.5dB. Compared to standard pro audio devices this offers an improvement of up to 1.5 dB of extra headroom during playback and mixing.

Shipping May 2022

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