SPL Release Diamond Premium DAC

German manufacturer SPL are back with a brand new premium-grade Professional Fidelity DAC designed to deliver digital audio like its never been heard before!

Beyond The Velvet Rope

Radiating prestige from every angle, SPL’s aptly named Diamond DAC is powered by an elite AKM AK4490 “Velvet Sound” DA conversion chip offering sample rates up to 768kHz at 32 bit and also enabling PCM audio. Direct Stream Digital (DSD) playback is also possible with DSD4 and DSD256 resolutions both supported.

Diamond from SPL – available in Red, Silver and Black

As with their other popular DACs, Diamond is backed up by SPL’s proprietary VOLTAiR technology for high-headroom 120v operation and unparalleled audio quality with negligible distortion, right up to the very top. Diamond also employs super-clean DLP120 lowpass filters and an aluminium Alps RK27 volume control for high resolution without sacrificing that all-important analogue feel.

Six-Way Source Accommodation

Diamond is a friend to all digital sources, offering a comprehensive array of inputs including optical, coaxial, USB and AES/EBU. For DSD audio fans; all conversion is handled via the USB-B input, while PCM audio users are free to use any of the Diamond’s 6x digital inputs for the same result.

Rear input panel of Diamond, powered by DLP120 buffers and AKM chipset

External word clock connectivity is also available for automatic synchronisation to studio or HiFi grade master clocks.

Diamonds Forever – From March 2023

The SPL Diamond DAC will arrive on UK shores this very month – available in Black, Red and Silver finishes. For pricing details or to become an authorised dealer, contact our dedicated sales team.

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