Sonarworks Present SoundID Reference

Today Latvian digital audio calibration wizards Sonarworks proudly reveal SoundID Reference, the sequel to their hugely successful Reference 4 software package.

The fifth incarnation, named SoundID Reference, builds on Sonarworks Reference 4's intelligent audio calibration technology to offer new features further aiding the pursuit of a truly cross-monitor and cross-device friendly studio mix.

The Reference Story So Far

For music producers and engineers reading the Sonarworks Reference name for the very first time here's a very brief history of Reference up till now and the reasons for its blue-chipped industry reputation...

Available in both DAW plug-in and standalone application form, Sonarworks Reference provides artists and mixing engineers with a truly uncoloured listening experience. Through a system of intelligent audio filtering, Reference imposes a flat response value across any model of studio monitors or headphones to achieve a uniform sound ensuring the same results between different listening stations and enabling better/faster mixing decisions.

For many years I just carved it out through trial and error, then I got the [Sonarworks] software and measured the room many times and you can see it clear as day—what I’ve always heard by ear. So it’s been really great not having to mix around the problem

Dana Nielsen (Rihanna, Kanye West, Slayer)

2021 and SoundID Reference

Fast forward to March 2021 and Sonarworks presents a revamped Reference suite with some fantastic new features!

Presenting SoundID Reference from Sonarworks

Reference software now goes by the title SoundID Reference in-line with its popular consumer audio mobile app. As before, Reference offers a separate solution for headphone calibration alongside a Reference Studio edition which incorporates headphone profiles as well as studio monitor calibration.

Each of these packages can also be purchased under education licenses for either students or institutions.

With SoundID Reference, custom targeting can now be executed on the fly

Custom Target
Realtime adjustments can now be made to Reference's target curve while mixing offering improved customisation for engineers directly within the DAW.

Translation Check
Rather than running from studio to living room (and even to car), engineers are now blessed with the convenience of sampling different listening environments directly from their audio workstation using Sonarworks' new Translation Check feature.

SoundID Reference, featuring Translation Check to emulate your mix in different environments

For Windows Users
With the release of SoundID Reference, two new Systemwide driver modes are available for Windows users, enabling zero-latency calibration on Windows platforms and in some cases even negating the need to run calibration inside the DAW itself.

As with previous versions of Reference, Sonarworks will be frequently updating their user base with upgrades and improvements all available to download via the Sonarworks website.

Available Now

SoundID Reference is available immediately from our network of authorised UK dealers:

New to the Sonarworks brand and keen to find out when all the fuss is about? Get hold of SoundID Reference demo download right here!

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