SCV Announce Distribution Of United Studio Technologies

Today SCV are thrilled to announce exclusive distribution of the US microphone brand United Studio Technologies in the UK and Ireland.

United Studio Technologies first launched at the New York AES 2019 presenting a UT FET47 condenser designed to emulate the revered and highly sought-after sonic qualities of the vintage U47 microphone.

Inside United Studio Technologies' solid-staet UT FET47 condenser microphoneCapturing A Classic

UT FET47 is the final product of several years of intense research and development. United aimed to capture the essence of a beloved studio classic while catering to the needs of modern recording professionals. Other items high on the checklist were uncompromising quality, sonic depth and an affordable price bracket.

To achieve their lofty feat, United meticulously tested a variety of transformers from a variety of manufacturers before settling on a custom Cinemag transformer and custom Eric Heiserman designed capsule.

Cinemag Meets Heiserman

The FET47’s hefty Cinemag transformer features a striped core, compiled of interleaving sets of nickel and steel laminations wound to the specification of the German transformers used to power the original vintage 47s. The transformer exhibits excellent sonic depth in operation whilst also utilising the core's dual coil ‘humbucking' nature to deliver low-noise and better clarity.

Meanwhile the HZ-Series capsule, forged from the ground up by manufacturer Eric Heiserman in partnership with United Studio Technologies, is a modern take on the original vintage K47 capsule made in Germany.

United Studio Technologies Flagship UT FET 47

The HZ capsule has been designed to capture a wide variety of sources with an open, three-dimensional and highly articulate voicing. Every aspect of the capsule’s assembly from the mylar sheeting all the way down to the screw threads has been researched and tweaked through multiple different rounds to ensure optimum performance while being faithful to the original K47 tone.

Built By Engineers For Engineers

Each FET47 is manufactured in the USA, still in small batches to ensure the highest standards and absolute consistency.

By incorporating custom parts as well as vintage new-old-stock parts, United Studio Technologies have produced a microphone that truly encapsulates the sonic spirit of a vintage studio classic, whilst exceeding robustness and usability target that all studio professionals and hobbyists demand for any modern recording environment.

UT FET47 will be arriving in the UK in the early September 2020. For further information or to become a dealer contact the SCV pro audio sales team.

UT FET47's Cinemag transformer and Heiserman designed custom capsule


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