Presenting The BiG Module From SPL

Veteran studio signal processing giants SPL move to expand their 500-series offering with the release of a new double-wide stereo image enlarger module.

Expanding Horizons

BiG takes on the daunting task of redefining the breadth or ‘bigness’ of stereo mixes with ease. New and creative methods of sound shaping are employed to enlarge a stereo image’s scope complete with user changeable controls including Range, Stage and Bigness.

BiG - the new stereo image enlarger from SPL

3-Tier Controls

BiG’s effect on a stereo stage can be transformed from there individual directions. Range specifies the frequency range that is being targeted, Stage moves the specified range backwards and forwards on the theoretical stage, while ‘Bigness’ finally adjusts the intensity of the processing being applied.

Another feature is Bass mode which is enabled by a physical I/O switch on the top left of the unit’s panel. This engages a passive filter circuit very similar to the AirBass board implemented in SPL’s IRON high-end mastering compressor, and results in a thick and engaging bass boost.

Playing It By Ear

As with all SPL 500-series professional audio processing products, the BiG is thoughtfully designed with listening as well as specs in mind. The module’s assembly is built with through-hole technology ensuring only the best-sounding components are used.

BiG will being shipping in Summer 2022 - for full details including pricing, availability and info for authorised dealers contact SCV’s pro audio division.

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