Monolithic Power: Avantone Release CLA400 Amplifier

Following the success of their CLA200 and CLA100 studio power amps for passive speakers, Avantone Pro reveal a brand new model equipped to tackle large studio monitors demanding raw power in abundance.

Classically Designed

Avantone’s CLA400 – as the name suggests, can generate 400W seamlessly into 8 ohms, but it’s even more than that. The amp’s design draws on traditional vintage studio aesthetics, featuring jumbo VU meters for easy monitoring, high quality Japanese components and a hefty toroidal transformer equipped linear power supply.

The CLA400 power amplifier from Avantone Pro

By harnessing a classic bipolar transistor design, the CLA400 also delivers a notably robust performance for lower end frequencies perfect for accommodating modern genres.

Silent But Deadly

Historically many of the higher wattage power amps have been fan-cooled for to avoid overheating and so stored in a space separate from studio control rooms to elevate noise. The 3U 19” mountable CLA400 is cooled purely by intelligent convection, making it safe for any studio rack.

Despite its high output rating the amp also exhibits with very low distortion, an open and transparent sound and impressive dynamic range.

CLA400 rear panel input and output array

Available Spring ’22

CLA400s will begin shipping from New York in February of 2022. For full specs, pricing and estimated arrival details, contact SCV’s pro audio sales team.

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