Meet The Fostex 6301 With a Side Of Dante

A decorated history...

The hardy Fostex 6301 has enjoyed 35 years as an industry standard in installation monitoring. The versatile speaker has been a staple across multiple audio industries including music production, music education, audio for commercial premises and even art installations.

Fostex 6301 models through history including the legacy B model, and new NX models including EB6301 bracket

Now in 2020, Fostex have announced a variant of the 6301 with a new twist. The 6301DT announced in May 2020 will feature full Dante connectivity, perfect for integration with bang up-to-date modern installation audio systems.

6301DT exhibits all of the aesthetic features of the classic 6301 design including extremely hard-wearing build to ensure usability even in less than ideal environments. On the rear of each 6301DT is an RJ45 port for ethernet connectivity, compatible with all major Dante compatible systems from manufacturers such as Hear Technologies, Allen & Heath and Yamaha.

Fostex 6301DT including RJ45 Dante connector on rear panel

From this single digital input, the 6301DT can accommodate all common sample rates up to an impressive 96kHz and each speaker can be programmed to focus a left, right or mono-summed signal.

Should the speaker be required for an analogue application, a balanced 1/4” mono jack input is also available on the rear of each unit which bypasses the digital stage and performs as you’d expect from any 6301NB model.

Coming to the UK in Q3 2020

For more information on pricing and availability, contact our pro audio sales division for full details.

Fostex's fully Dante enabled 6301DT installation monitors


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