Lindell Audio LiN2A Now Shipping

From the ever-innovating Swedish workshop of Lindell Audio comes a meticulous reproduction of one of the industry’s most revered dynamics processors. With US transformers, ultra fast attack and level dependent release, it can only be the LiN2A.

LiN2A dynamics processor from Lindell Audio

The Beaten Track

Recreating the unique limiting style of the classic 2A compressor is no trivial pursuit. While other dynamics processors may draw from a predictable set of ratio attack and release controls, pure 2A-style limiters pair the entire journey down to just two knobs with the confidence to produce excellent, rapid results every time.

With the LiN2A, Lindell aim to continue this tradition with a product that doesn’t require hours of dialling-in to achieve great results. From its 3:1 compress mode to its infinite:1 hard limiting mode, LiN2A can add incredible depth to vocal tracks, bass, drums and a great deal more.

LiN2A features US transformers and tube-powered compression

Under The Hood

Within its 2U chassis, LiN2A touches all the main nodes one would expect from an authentic 2A-style levelling amp. Tube driven optical compression, a true American made transformer, level-dependent release twinned with an ultra-fast attack and even a vintage style VU meter for monitoring.

Handling compression itself is the T4BLA optical element built by SCV's Chicagoan friends: Black Lion Audio. Delivering smooth gain reduction and beautifully transparent levelling, the T4BLA strikes a perfect balance between musical takes and established build consistency – ideal when chaining multiple LiN2A units together.

T4BLA opto-cell included in every Lindell LiN2A

Shipping Now

The very first batch of Lindell LiN2As have now arrived in the UK! Contact our pro audio sales team for further details on spec, pricing and new dealerships.

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