IsoAcoustics Present STAGE 1 Instrument Amp Isolators

IsoAcoustics’ expansive product range of decoupling isolators includes solutions for studio monitors, Hi-Fi speakers and even Hi-Fi components. For the very first time at Winter NAMM 2019, IsoAcoustics unveiled a brand new addition which caters for guitarists.

The appropriately named STAGE 1 Isolators ship as a four-pack set of isolating attachments which can be installed either directly into the underside of an instrument amplifier or speaker cabinet, or alternatively attached to a plywood surface to isolate the cabinet while protect the covering.

During performance, the STAGE 1 isolators eliminate vibrational variables creating a clear, consistent sound un-muddied by environmental factors. For musicians who move between venues and studios, this removes any worry that isolation quality will vary from location to location.

Built from rugged aluminium, STAGE 1 adopts a low profile 1.5 inch design. Not only does this maintain the overall visual aesthetic of the amplifier, but also to allows STAGE 1 equipped amplifiers and cabinets to fit snugly inside road cases without the need to remove and reinstall the isolators for each performance.

Touring musicians are always telling us about the serious inconsistencies that different stages in a variety of venues bring to the sound of their monitors and amps. We designed the IsoAcoustics Stage 1 Isolators to level the playing field of these different stages from one gig to the next, enabling them to achieve consistent sound night after night.

Dave Morrison – CEO and Founder, IsoAcoustics

A single set of four STAGE 1 isolators can support up-to 90kg and are compatible with any instrument amplifier sporting a wooden assembly – from guitar cabinets to bass combos and even to keyboard and vocal amplifiers.

IsoAcoustics Stage 1 Isolators attached to a plywood surface

Shipping Feb 2019

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