Introducing KICK, A Sub-Frequency Mic From Avantone

Avantone Kick - a new sub-frequency microphone for bass heavy instrumentsBack with a vengeance

Continuing their mission to resurrect some of pro audio history’s lost studio gems of the past, Avantone are pleased to present the KICK sub-frequency microphone.

Sub-frequency microphones such as the discontinued 'SubKick' have been used in major studios to great effect over the past 2 decades to bring an additional dimension of ‘boom’ to instruments, particularly with kick drums and bass cabinets.

Find your subsonic signature

Installed within KICK's real wooden drum shell is a transducer powered by Avantone’s revered AV10 white cone driver technology, modelled on original NS10M drivers of the 1990s. The resulting sound features a classic, beautifully low frequency signature boost which adds depth to any bass-heavy source such as bass guitar, low register brass, double bass, timpani and of course kick drums.

Avantone KICK features an AV10 classic white cone driver as its transducer for the perfect vintage recording sound

Designed for both studio and stage use, the KICK also ships with a doubled braced drum stand for convenient positioning next to sources. Results will vary depending on the direction and proximity to sources so it’s always best to try a few spots to find the perfect sound.

Buddy up

Whilst KICK is capable of capturing a healthy amount of material, its focus is primarily in the lower end of the frequency spectrum. As such Avantone recommend pairing the KICK with a standard dynamic kick drum microphone to capture a fuller range or, as they put it, the ’snap’ as well as the ‘boom.'

Each Avantone KICK ships with a hard wearing double braced drum stand to assist perfect placement

Coming soon to the UK

KICK will begin shipping in June of 2020 and will be available through all authorised UK dealers. To find your nearest Avantone Pro retailer contact our pro audio sales team.

The Avantone KICK sub frequency microphone, featuring NS10-style transducer driver


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