Introducing The Audix PDX720

First spied at NAMM 2023, Audix’s newest dynamic addition to their professional studio microphone range promises to be a new golden standard in audio capture for podcasting, studio recording and musical instruments.

Unmistakably Audix

The PDX720 is a dynamic hypercardioid microphone with high-gain, impressive low end a smooth natural tone that lends itself exquisitely to vocal recording. Thanks to its desirable gain specs out of the box, users are not required to use preamp boosts or cloud-lifting technology to achieve great results.

PDX720 signature edition microphone from Audix

Customisable Sound

PDX720s control set features two 3-way switches, which can be used to quickly modify sound to accommodate different vocals or sources. With just these two controls, the microphone’s low-cut filter and presence can easily be adjusted negating the need for complex mixer-side adjustments during or after capture.

Audix PDX720's unique 3-way switches


Thanks to its warm lower-end frequencies and clear highs, the PDX720’s talents extend beyond vocal recordings, offering terrific results on drums and instruments. Audix have ensured that all podcasters, voice-over artists, studio recording engineers and producers are catered for with a single microphone capturing crystal clear takes on any sources without ever sounding harsh.

Shipping July 2023

PDX720 will ship from July of 2023! Contact SCV’s pro audio team for all queries on pre-orders, pricing and specifications.

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