Hear Technologies Announce Waves WSG Bridge

Pro audio companies Hear Technologies and Waves Audio have recently joined forces to produce a streamlined solution to allow Dante users integrate with Waves’ SoundGrid technology. Presenting the Hear Technologies WSG Bridge.

A little about SoundGrid

SoundGrid is an audio-over-ethernet technology platform for impressively scalable real-time professional audio applications. From smaller project studios all the way up to live venues and networked recording and broadcast operations, SoundGrid allows high-stream counts and plug-in processing at very low latency. Asides from Waves’ own reverbs, EQ and compression plugins, a host of 3rd party plugs are also available for the SoundGrid platform.

Get access to the full list of SoundGrid compatible plugins here.

Hear Technologies WSG Waves SoundGrid Bridge

Bringing in Dante

Until now the increasingly popular Dante medium has been closed off to SoundGrid customers, but it's the introduction of WSG Bridge end-users are finally able to bridge the cross-platform gap with a single cost-effective solution.

WSG Bridge is capable of transmitting up to 64 channels of audio from SoundGrid to Dante and vice versa. SoundGrid plugins can be simultaneously utilised to enable real-time processing within any Dante network.

Hear Technologies WSG Waves SoundGrid Bridge - Rear Panel

“By providing 64 channels of bidirectional audio between the two protocols with sampling rates from 44.1kHz up to 96kHz, we’re providing yet another innovative tool to our innovative customers.”

- Nason Tackett, Senior Design Engineer, Hear Technologies

For more information on WSG Bridge and the Hear Technologies product line contact SCV for pricing, specification and availability enquiries.

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