Grayedout Chooses Focal Trio 11

Earlier in the year we had the privilege to catch up with British music composer and sound artist Andy Gray - also known professionally as Grayedout.

Gray’s extensive body of work spans from the early 1990s including collaborations with popular artists such as Human League, Tori Amos, Gary Numan, Korn and the late British rap artist Derek B. Gray is also credited as the founder of dance band Amoebaassasin and record label BPM Records.

From the late 1990s Gray boasts a wide number of remix credits with long-time collaborator Paul Oakenfold including remixes for Madonna, U2, Dave Matthews Band and Paul Oakenfold’s solo album Bunkka; on which Andy Gray also has a writing credit for the track Ready Steady Go.

Gray has also composed extensively for TV and Film, including the score for Swordfish with Chris Young, Gerard Perre’s “Steal”, TimeCop II and very notably the theme for Channel 4’s Big Brother series along with Paul Oakenfold under the name Elementfour. More recent credits include NBC’s 13-part SyFy series “Hunters” and UK drama Alleycats – recently featured at East End Film Festival.

Andy Gray's rear Twin6 Be monitors

SCV were delighted to play a part in the recent installation of a Focal surround monitoring system for Andy Gray’s newest workspace.

I was looking for a new monitor system after moving studios, I wanted a system which could handle being set up close to my master keyboard as I no longer sit in front of a mixing desk. But also needed a main monitor set up which can handle super quiet and also loud play back

To satisfy a full 5.1 configuration, Gray opted for Trio11s mains, with a Twin6s for centre/rear channel duties, and Focal’s powerful Sub12 subwoofer for the all-important “point 1” low-end:

  • 2x Trio 11 mains (L+R)
  • 2x Twin 6 Be rear (L+R)
  • 1x Twin 6 Be (centre)
  • 1x Sub 12 (subwoofer)
Trio11 and Sub 12 combo used at Andy Gray's studio

Feeding back to us post-install, Gray commented on the Trio11’s desirable dynamic performance even at multiple volume levels, making them a one-stop shop for studio monitoring applications:

The sound, the punch and amazing dynamic levels from super soft to epic loud, writing and mixing no other speaker needed!

Alongside praise for their dynamic talents, Gray also referenced the ability to focus the Trio11s by foot-switch toggling the mid-range and subwoofer for a more comparative grot-box style mix:

Great work flow.. Foot switch for Focus mode and to cut the sub, couldn’t be happier

Grayed Out studio featuring Trio11 mains

Check out Andy Gray’s full bio and latest work at

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