Fostex Redesign RP Series Headphones

The RP Mk3 headphones are successors to the reputed RP Mk2 series, further enhancing the T50RPMk2 driver. For more than 30 years, starting with the original T-series, they have served as robust, reliable and accurate monitoring headphones in professional recording studios worldwide. 

RP - Regular Phase technology

The new RP (Regular Phase - Orthodynamic) proprietary Fostex driver offers something unique over typical dynamic designs. With the RP design Fostex have created a range of headphones with an exceptionally linear sensitivity across their frequency response. This means that there are far fewer extremes between sensitivity peaks and troughs, especially in the mid and hi range. The resulting response curve is very flat, making them superb for critical listening.

Three Variants

The three models, whilst all using the same RP driver, offer different configurations.

The T20RP Mk3 is open, for the most spacious imaging with a deep bass response, when closed isolation is not essential.

The T40RP Mk3 is closed, for use in situations where isolation is a priority and focus is required in lower frequencies.

The T50RP Mk3 is semi-open, combining the best of both worlds to offer a very flat response, with fewer of the sonic limitations found in entirely closed designs.

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