Focal Release ST6 Range and Sub 12

Today Focal proudly unveiled their brand new ST6 monitor range featuring updated versions of their much loved Solo and Twin models, along with a brand new subwoofer: Sub 12.

Meet The ST6 Range

After no less than 15 years of service, Focal’s iconic Solo6 and Twin6 are being redesigned and rebuilt to deliver even more versatility and improved performance. Focal engineers have taken full advantage of recent innovations in audio design including improved transducers, new amps and structurally enhanced cabinets to reveal two models truly worthy of stepping into the Solo's and Twin's respective shoes.

Focal's new ST6 range including Solo6 and Twin6, plus Sub12

Both models retain the heritage of the Beryllium range, including signature inverted dome tweeters, plus newly improved ‘W’ sandwich cone drivers armed Focal’s patented Tuned Mass Damper technology (or TMD) – a feature borrowed from the flagship Trio11 monitors which offers 50% less distortion in the 1-3 kHz range.

Also inherited from the Trio11 is Focal’s hugely popular Focus Mode feature which enables muting/focusing certain drivers to offer different listening perspectives and provide engineers with valuable insight on how mixes will sound across various devices. In the case of the Solo 6 ST6 and Twin 6 ST6, Focus mode removes the Beryllium tweeter from the listening equation leaving only the woofer(s) to operate as full-range drivers.

Thanks to mono jack loop ports on the back of each monitor - Focus mode can also be operated via a simple latching footswitch to compare modes on the fly.

Solo6 ST6 - a next gen Solo featuring fixtures for Dolby Atmos immersive sound mounting

ST6 For Atmos & Immersive Sound

Taking cues from the many immersive sound engineers among Focal's fanbase, the new Solo 6 ST6 is primed ready includes fixture points to enable wall and ceiling mounting. Simply by attaching readily available K&M brackets, Solo6 ST6 monitors can be utilised as an invaluable part of any Dolby Atmos or Sony 360RA configuration.

With these new models, our Professional Products design team has created dramatically more transparent monitors with a more detailed sound to give engineers a sonic advantage when recording and mixing projects for their clients. Although these two iconic monitor models have not changed in many years, Focal’s technology and the professional market needs have evolved, so our new models incorporate our latest technology and innovative ideas like Focus Mode, and include features requested by the professional music industry — all while retaining the DNA of Focal: Excellence in Sound.

Vincent Moreuille, Head of Global Export Sales for Focal’s Professional Division

Sub12 – Just One More Thing

Alongside the two models of the ST6 range, Focal also unveiled a treat for bass fans with the introduction of their loudest (and even lowest) subwoofer to date.

Sub12 from Focal - new, louder, lower subwoofer

Joining the Sub 6 and Sub One in Focal’s subwoofer range, Sub 12 features a newly designed 13” driver delivering even more articulation and definition than its predecessors. Sub 12 is powered by a pristine BASH power amplifier serving up 600W of RMS power or 1000W at peak.

Thanks to a newly conceived cabinet with optimised bracing and a front-facing port based on Focal's flagship Trio 11 monitors, the Sub 12 is capable of incredible low-end impact while maintaining low distortion and negligible mechanical noise.

Although our Sub6 and Sub One subwoofers are extremely popular and work in many studio systems, we now cover an even wider set of studio requirements including immersive recording and mastering setups with the new Sub12. With its exceptional efficiency and deep low-end impact, the Sub12 achieves a new level of low-frequency reproduction. And its variable control settings for low-pass, high-pass, and phase set a new precision- level for realizing the perfect studio sound.

Vincent Moreuille

Coming Summer 2022

ST6 and Sub 12 will begin shipping from the UK this Summer! For more specs and features check out our product pages, or for pricing and dealer opportunities please contact our pro audio sales division.

Focal's new ST6 studio monitor range and Sub12 subwoofer

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