Five SCV Products Nominated For NAMM TEC Awards 2020

The NAMM TEC Awards are an annual celebration recognising true innovation across the audio and sound production industries.

Nominations are made by a panel of wide-ranging audio professionals and thought leaders from across the sector to select technical manufacturers and creative individuals who have contributed significant service to strengthening and evolving the audio industry.

Now in its 35th year, the TEC Awards scope now covers 23 technical categories covering tools from studio monitors to outboard equipment and software, as well as 8 creative categories including tour production and film sound.

SCV are immensely proud to reveal that five of our distributed products made the cut for NAMM’s TEC panel across four different technical award categories. So without further ado, let’s explore the nominees primed for 2020...


Focal Professional's Trio11 Be, nominated in NAMM's TEC Awards Studio Monitor category

"Impressive in size and sound, the Trio11 Be is a mighty set of versatile speakers"

Alan Branch, Resolution

First announced at Winter NAMM 2019, Trio11 Be is Focal’s newest flagship studio monitor aimed to serve both near field and midfield mixing and mastering applications at the very highest level. Particular attention was paid to precise dynamic control and bass definition to make the Trio11 appealing to all engineers and artists, transcending aesthetics and genres. Bearing this pursuit of innovation in mind, it comes as no surprise that the Trio11 has found its way into the TEC Awards Studio Monitor category for 2020.


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Sonarworks Reference 4 has been nominated in the Studio Signal Processing Software category for the 2020 NAMM TEC Awards

Most home and commercial studios reside, more often than not, in acoustically imperfect rooms. Latvian software manufacturer Sonarworks took this rough statistic particularly personally and have endeavoured to correct the world’s acoustical imperfections with their groundbreaking Reference 4 software. Available as a DAW plug-in across AAX, VST, Audio Unit and now as a standalone app for desktop computers, Sonarworks Reference 4 is transforming audio to new realms of accuracy - one mix at a time.

I can honestly say that I do believe almost everyone can benefit from using the Sonarworks speaker and headphone calibration system

Eli Krantzberg, Pro Tools Expert

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Black Lion Audio

Chicago outfit Black Lion Audio have two products nominated in this year's NAMM TEC Awards - PBR8 and the B173Quad preamp

Chicago based mod and outboard manufacturing house Black Lion shot to fame earlier in the decade thanks to their unique modification offerings for older products such as Digidesign interfaces. Now in 2019/2020, Black Lion have built their own impressive line of outboard based on literally years of hands-on technical experience.

Nominated in this year’s TEC Awards across two categories are Black Lion’s B173 Quad; a four channel 1073-clone with distinctly dark British console tones, and the PBR8; an eight-slot 500-Series rack designed with an onboard bantam patch bay for easy on-the-fly routing.

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Metric Halo

Metric Halo's ULN8 3D USB-C audio interface, nominated for TEC 2020's preamp category

In mid-2018 Metric Halo announced their highly anticipated 3D range of interfaces featuring USB-C connectivity and a new range of ‘Edge’ expansion cards for modern studio applications. Through its three generations, Metric Halo's eight-channel ULN8 interface has been an indispensable cornerstone for many commercial and personal studios, serving up flawless analogue conversion, on-board DSP and premium microphone preamp circuits.

The quality of the convertors and mic pres are excellent - well up there with the best of what is available

Stuart Bruce, MusicRadar

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Voting Opens November 2019!

Show your support and love for these fantastic products this November by heading over to the official NAMM TEC Awards polling site and casting your vote. Winners will be announced at the official awards ceremony on Saturday January 18th at the Hilton Pacific Ballroom in Anaheim, California.

SCV would like to wish all of our manufacturing partners involved the very best of luck!

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