Black Lion Ship Seventeen 500 Module

As part of a very welcome trend following the release of their Bluey 500 modular blue-stripe limiting amplifier, Black Lion proudly present the Seventeen 500 compressor for 500-series racks and lunchboxes.

No Ordinary 76

Seventeen 500 seeks to bring the classic vibe of the much-loved 1176 compressor to exciting new places. Armed with a front-end integrated-circuit redesigned from the ground up, Seventeen can deliver new levels of detail and nuance even beyond the realms of its vintage predecessors.

Black Lion Seventeen 500 modules - stereo pair

Even with light compression, Seventeen imposes a clean punchiness guaranteed to make any track or mix bus pop, with more colourful “saturated” character available when the settings are pushed.

Among its other useful features, Seventeen 500 includes a frequency-adjustable side chain, mix knob for wet/dry adjustment, stereo link and even the all-button “British mode” hack for engaging multiple ratios at once.

Low-End Front & Centre

Aligning with the top needs of countless modern producers and mixing engineers, Seventeen 500 harnesses the power of a custom BLA transfer to deliver enormous bottom end perfect across acoustic and rock genres through to EDM and Electronica.

Seventeen 500's redesigned front-end integrated circuit

Thanks to proprietary power decoupling inherited from other Black Lion family members, the Seventeen 500 has extremely low operational noise which is lowered yet further thanks to specially selected Nichicon signal caps.

Available Summer 2023

Seventeen 500 will be arriving in Britain from July 2023. For further details on specs, pricing or to become a UK Black Lion dealer, contact our pro audio sales team.

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