Avantone Ship Planar Audiophile Headphones

This month SCV are delighted to announce the fast approaching arrival of Avantone’s innovative and highly versatile Planar headphone featuring planar magnetic drivers and an assembly that allows for elongated listening sessions without a hint of fatigue.

High Accuracy – Low Distortion

The use of Planar magnetic drivers in headphones has numerous advantages over the more traditional moving coil drivers.

Moving coil designs use magnetic fields to push and pull drivers in a single direction, and as such they rely heavily on the elasticity of the driver’s surround to ensure the driver returns safely to its original position. Meanwhile Planar magnetic drivers harness forward and backward momentum by employing front and rear magnets, dramatically cutting down response time and resulting in a more accurate, more detailed and overall more natural reproduction of sound.

Avantone Planar headphones featuring planar magnetic drivers

For All The Industry Families

Avantone’s Planar features an open-back design with each ear cup boasting a specially tuned sound chamber. The careful balance of this configuration means that the frequency response curve remains entirely flat, negating pressure build-ups or resonances.

When combined with the uniquely clear and revealing operation of the planar magnetic drivers and fatigue-less listening even during longer sessions, Avantone have a headphone design which offers a viable option for a wide range of different music industry applications from Audio engineers mixing down sessions, to podcasters orchestrating live streams, and even Hi-Fi enthusiasts enjoying the finer details of vinyl or high resolution digital material.

Planar headphones from Avantone are available in both red and black finishes

Arriving in October

Full specifications and features on the Avantone Planar headphones can be found on our product page, and the first UK shipment will be arriving this very month (October 2020). For all enquiries including pricing and availability, contact our pro audio sales team.

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