Audix A127 Reference Mic Now Shipping

This month SCV are delighted to announce that the hotly anticipated A127 Reference Microphone from Audix has arrived in the UK. For readers unfamiliar with the A127 or what makes it special, what better time for a recap on the specs and features that set it apart from other omni condensers in its class.

Audix's A127 capsule with 3-micron metal film diaphragmMaking The Grade

The A127's unique capsule design is no accident. Each of the components that makes up Audix's reference-grade capsule has been meticulously selected to offer the most consistent and reliable performance and even conform to Type 1 IEC 61094-4 compliance.

Under the corrosion resistant hood, each capsule features a 3-micron metal film diaphragm measuring in at a half inch in diameter. The ultra thinness of the material provides exquisite transient responses along with a level of detail unachievable with conventional materials, while the half-inch width takes advantage of the acoustic sound capture sweet spot tried and tested in acoustic measurement standards.

Precision Built For All Scenarios

Unlike some studio condensers, the A127 thrives in a multitude of environments in and out of the studio. Adept in almost any recording, broadcast, film and sound design application, the A127 is built to capture the most accurate and purest performance of any acoustic source.

A127 boasts an impressive frequency response from 20kHz down to 10Hz and encompasses a wide dynamic range of 133dB. Thanks to its precision tuned metal diaphragm, each unit emits negligible self noise of just 7 dBA along with a highly accurate and stable response.

Audix's A127 internal board and capsule, joined by driven shields

Audix have coupled each internal circuit to its capsule by an intelligent system of driven shields, designed to protect the microphone from both capacitance coupling and any external interference that may muddy the signal. The A127's precision machined housing also provides a degree of corrosion resistance making the perfect parter for vocalists or acoustic sources in less than idea environments.


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