ULN8 MkIV audio interface from Metric Halo
Rear panel of ULN8 mkIV
Metric Halo ULN8 mkIV Audio Interface

Metric Halo present the 4th incarnation of their hugely revered ULN8 octo-channel audio interface with built-in DSP and Atmos support with up to 7.1.4 multi-destination monitoring control.

£3299.00 inc VAT
EAN 832081000705

  • USB-C and MHLink powered audio interface
  • 8x boutique mic preamps
  • 4th generation converter design for more detail
  • Significantly reduced round trip latency (RTL)
  • Low-latency unity-gain analogue loops
  • Built in Atmos monitor control support
  • Relay-based output mute for pop-free power cycles
  • Integrated DSP
  • 35% lower power consumption from 3d
  • Expandable via 1x EdgeBus card slot
  • IR remote control support
  • 19” rackmountable (1U)

Rebuilt from the ground up, Metric Halo’s latest analogue and conversion stages have been innovatively designed to express even more detail with even more efficiency. Compared to their predecessors, mkIV convertors operate with an 85% reduction in latency including significantly reduced RTL or “round trip latency.”

Our 4th generation mkIV analogue and converter stages enhance the already world-class design of the ULN-8 to provide you with warm yet detailed, open & musical sound that captures and presents your work in its best light.

Every mkIV interface has been redesigned with environmental values in mind. Whilst the ULN8 mk IV runs cooler than its predecessor, it also consumes around 35% less power making the interface more economical especially when it comes to running cost.

ULN8 mkIV audio interfaces from Metric Halo
Lightning-Fast DSP
DSP+ is included with every mkIV Metric Halo Interface

Each ULN8 mkIV generously ships with circa $2800-worth of perpetual hardware plugin licenses at no extra cost. This includes 100 individual plug-ins such as Metric Halo’s full Production Bundle and +DSP Bundle all boasting zero-latency thanks to the ULN8’s powerful on-board DSP chipset.

Take Control
Metric Halo mkIV EuCon compatibility

Support has been included for a wide variety of different universal remote control standards. Mackie and EuCon hardware surfaces are included for producers and engineers favouring the tactile feel of physical faders, while for touchscreen fans mkIV interfaces also include iPad and tablet compatibility.

Introducing the mkIV range from Metric Halo

A/D 8 ch + analogue trim
D/A 8 ch + analogue gain
Latency ≈ 0.9ms @ 44.1k / ≈ 0.2ms @ 192k
Preamps 8 channels MH ULN-R
Channels 128 channels
Bus 64 channels
Resolution up to 192k
Data MHLink / USB