Metric Halo Character v4 saturation plugin
Character v4 is available as a digital activation code
Metric Halo Character v4 Saturation Plug In

Hewn from coveted analogue equipment used by some of America's top mastering engineers, Character v4 brings luscious distortion to individual audio tracks and mix-buses alike.

£99.00 inc VAT
EAN 832081000774

  • 24x Character Models included
  • Oversampled for analogue euphonic distortion
  • User selectable oversampling modes
  • Manual drive control to set distortion hit
  • Autodrive to incorporate all signal levels
  • Output gain control to level match

Character v4 is a distortion plugin designed to accurately emulate the characteristics of classic analogue circuitry.

Inspired By The Greats
Character v4 is derived from classic circuitry modelling

Metric Halo invited top mixing and mastering engineers from across the US to submit their desert island preamps, equalisers and DIs for analysis. Using proprietary SpectraFoo and +DSP technology, Metric Halo were then able to model the irresistible distortion and saturation talents of each unit, compiling their digital fingerprints into a single plugin.

Multiple Presets
Multiple presets out-of-the-box with Character v4 from Metric Halo

Character v4 boasts no fewer than 24 different distortion models spanning tube distortion, driven transformers and the qualities of solid state devices. Enabling the autodrive control allows users to set a consistent distortion across all signal levels, while the primary Drive control may be used to boost distortion for vivid and unique effects.

Character v4 saturation effect from Metric Halo

Platform Mac OS X 10.10+ (Intel/Silicon), Windows 7+ 64 bit
Format AU, VST2-3, AAX
Authorisation iLok (2 activations per account)