PEX500VIN Pultec style EQ from Lindell Audio
Lindell PEX500VIN front control panel
Lindell PEX500VIN 500 Series EQ

Achieve hassle free control over low and high frequency filtering with Lindell’s PEX500VIN single channel vintage edition EQ.

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£425.00 inc VAT
EAN 199621962630

  • Transformer coupled balanced inputs and balanced outputs
  • 3-step switched low-frequency boost
  • 3-step switched high-frequency boost
  • 3-step switched high-frequency attenuation
  • Switchable true hardware bypass
  • Compatible with all 500-Series 'API-compliant' racks

The PEX500VIN is an entirely discrete, transformer-coupled design sharing many tonal qualities with the original passive Pultec EQs of the 1960s.

Neatly controlled by 3 stepped potentiometers, the PEX500VIN offers easy control of high and low frequency bands, as well as cut off frequency for specific high-end attenuation.