Lindell Audio LiN2A levelling amplifier
Rear view of Lindell's LiN2A
Lindell LiN2A Vintage Levelling Amplifier

Swedish manufacturer Lindell Audio presents a true tube-driven optical compressor faithfully reproducing the performance of classic 2A-style American limiting amplifiers.

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EAN 753459901700

  • True tube-driven optical compression and limiting
  • T4BLA opto-element made by Black Lion
  • 2x USA-made Cinemag transformers
  • Super simple 2-knob user interface for rapid results
  • Responsive 3:1 compression mode
  • Infinite:1 hard limiting mode
  • Ultra-fast attack and level-dependent release
  • Vintage-style VU for monitoring
  • 19” rack-mountable (2U)
Tape Op Magazine

"Once again Lindell Audio has found a way to build an affordable classic for those that don’t own the original"

Tape Op Magazine

Serving up ultra-fast attack and level-dependent release, Lindell’s latest American-style compressor adds magical depth to almost any studio source or mix bus. The LiN2A offers a 3-to-1 compression mode that is dynamically responsive as well as infinity-to-1 for drum friendly extra-hard limiting.

At its centre, Lindell’s design is powered by the T4BLA optical element – made by US manufacturer Black Lion Audio. The specially chosen module offers exquisite gain reduction also with remarkable consistency, making it easy for engineers to match multiple units in stereo or even larger channel arrays.

Recreating a Classic
Lindell's tube-powered "opto" compression circuitry

Beneath the hood Lindell have included all the trimmings to make LiN2A authentically faithful, including US-made Cinemag transformers, tube driven optical compression and a bold vintage-look VU meter.

Super Simple Interface
Lindell LiN2A features just 2 main controls

LiN2A aims to deliver hard-hitting musical results with the minimum of fuss. With its simple 2-knob control array users can get the best out of vocals, bass and drum tracks in a matter of seconds.

The vintage inspired Lindell Audio LiN2A levelling amplifier

Controls Attack, Release, Ratio, Gain
Input 1x 1/4" TRS
Output 1x 1/4" TRS
Dimensions 438 x 88 x 250mm, 3.7kg