6X500VIN Preamp from Lindell - side view
Lindell's 6X500VIN single slot modular preamp
Lindell 6X500VIN 500 Series Preamp

The 6X500 ‘VIN’ edition from Lindell Audio is single-channel transformer-coupled microphone preamp with built in 2-band Pultec style passive equalisation. Built upon the classic 1731 amplifier design, the 6X500VIN exhibits a truly punchy low end combined with a softer silkiness in its higher frequencies.

£425.00 inc VAT
EAN 19962192432

  • Transformer coupled balanced inputs and balanced outputs
  • Passive Pultec EQ inductor + 990 gain make-up amplifier
  • 3-step switched EQ low freq boost 30Hz, 60Hz, 100Hz +/-10%
  • 3-step switched EQ high freq boost 6kHz, 10kHz, 16kHz +/-10%
  • High boost bandwidth
  • Switchable polarity reverse
  • 48v switchable phantom power
  • All discrete Vintage OPA1731
  • 5-LED VU Meters
  • Gold Plated PCB
  • Requires 500 series rack

The 6X500VIN is built around an all-discrete design with gold plated PCBs and all the functional trimmings expected from a modern pre including switchable polarity, 15dB boost and 48v phantom power.

Runway Runs on +/- 16V, 48V
Consumption 100mA
Input Impedance 2.4K ohms
Output Impedance 70 Ohms
Gain > 65dB
Max Output +28dBu
Frequency Response 20Hz – 20kHz
Dimensions 38 x 134 x 178mm