Lindell 503 lunchbox for 500-series modules
Rear panel of Lindell's 503 lunchbox rack
Lindell 503 500 Series Lunchbox

Lindell are back with a triple-slot no-nonsense 500-series chassis packed with power for even the most demanding of modules.

£299.00 inc VAT
SKU LN-503
EAN 702811522329

  • 3-slot 500 series chassis
  • 800mA of power per slot
  • Onboard 48v phantom for condenser mics
  • Overload/short circuit protection
  • Power rail LED indication
  • Gold-plated XLR jacks
  • Includes gig bag

Built from lightweight aluminium with gold-plated XLR connectors, the 503 lunchbox from Lindell Audio provides rock-solid housing for up to three 500-series compatible hardware modules.

Each rail offers up to 800mA of current per slot, enough to comfortably power even tube driven modules with 48v of phantom power delivered to each circuit in turn. Overload and short-circuit protection is also in place to safeguard any installed outboard hardware.

The 503's carefully chosen universal power supply also runs externally from the lunchbox chassis, ensuring no-noise operation during recording, and for ease of transport a neoprene gig bag is included.

Lindell's 503 lunchbox rack

Inputs 3x XLR
Outputs 3x XLR
Cabinet Aluminium
Power 800mA per slot
Supply Standard IEC AC cable