ISO430 stand from IsoAcoustics - front view
ISO430 stand from IsoAcoustics - profile view
IsoAcoustics ISO-430 Studio Monitor Stand

The ISO430 is the largest stand in the ISO-Series and is designed  for larger near field and midfield studio monitors up to a maximum weight of 45kg per speaker.

£105.00 inc VAT
EAN 810514000461

  • Compatible with larger studio monitors
  • Isolation-enhancing design
  • Delivers tighter bass and superior, more focused stereo imaging
  • Also applicable to guitar and bass combo amps
  • Tilt adjustable for angling monitors
  • Maximum height of 89mm

IsoAcoustics’ patented technology baked into each and every stand decouples supporting surfaces, minimising reflections and boosting focus.

The result is a vast improvement of stereo imaging and monitoring accuracy. When placed below larger speakers, the results are immediately noticeable and fairly dramatic. Low end becomes more extended, bass frequencies become tighter, and overall insight into mixes opens up.

ISO430 at meter-bridge level in studio situ

Max Height 89mm
Max Weight 45kg
Frame Material Plastic
Tubes Steel
Dimensions 89 x 432 x 229mm
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