Hear Technologies' Hear Back Pro 4-Pack
Outer packaging of the Hear Back Pro 4-Pack system
Hear Technologies Hear Back PRO 4 Pack

Hear Back PRO is Hear Technologies' newest personal monitoring system designed with unlimited modular scalability in mind. The system is built around Hear Tech's PRO Mixer and PRO Hub products, all powered by gigabit ethernet connective framework which offers almost instantaneous data transfer and an all-around effortless mixing experience.

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£6699.00 inc VAT
EAN 812737001027

  • 4x PRO Mixers
  • 1x Pro Hub Frame
  • 1x Network card
  • 4x 50’ Cat6 Cables

The PRO Hub is a modular frame capable of housing up to four network cards and powering up to 32 PRO Mixers (8 per card). HBus In/Out connectivity also allows users to daisy chain Hubs together without an upper limit making it a perfect personal mixing platform for large scale applications as well as small.

Hear Technologies' Hear Back PRO mixer

Ports 8x RJ45 Ethernet ports, 2x Ethernet (In/Out HBus Hubs)
Analogue Inputs 2x DB-25 (Tascam DA-88)
Digital Inputs 1x Expansion slot (ADAT, AES/EBU, Dante, Waves)
Data USB Type B (updates)
Source Ethernet (RJ45)