Fostex 6301N Active Installation Monitor

The Fostex 6301 series have been on the market since 1982 and have established themselves as the standard active monitor speaker in broadcast and production facilities the world over.

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£330.00 inc VAT
SKU FX-6301N/X
EAN 4995090304618

  • 20W D-class power amplifier for higher output level
  • Dedicated 4-inch full range driver for clear audio reproduction
  • Flat panel design to avoid inadvertent power-off or level change
  • Auto stand-by mode (compliant to ErP directive) for energy saving
  • All models feature 1/4” unbalanced jack input

Now Fostex have redesign these workhorse speakers as the 6301N series. With the latest D-class power amplifier and a new driver unit the 6301N, priced the same as the equivalent previous models, is a leap forward in performance.

The Fostex 6301N speakers also add an energy saving “auto stand-by” mode and an electrically balanced version that used to be available only as a modified version.

The 6301N series are identical in size to the previous version, allowing easy swap out and use where the original model has been used.

6301N available with multiple input connectors

Impedance 10kOhms + (analogue)
Impedance (6301ND only) 110Ohms or more (digital AES/EBU)
Frequency Response 70Hz-15kHz
Maximum SPL 98dB
THD 0.05% (1kHz / 1W output)
Dimensions 120mm x 189mm x 120mm (WHD), 2.2kg